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Mar 2017
Jan Pöppel
Mar 06 2017 15:07

Hi everyone,
I have a question about the intended way to use spyder with multiple conda environments? Currently I follow the "anaconda way" of installing spyder in all my environments. This however has the downside that all it's depdencies (e.g. qt which takes ~400mb extracted) are installed in each and every environment, which feels redundant.

Ideally I would like hierarchical conda environments, installing spyder only in the most basic environment which could then be used by all other ones. However, the issue regarding this seems to have been lost during the migration of conda-env into conda (conda/conda#1209).

Would it be better/possible to install spyder "globally" and perform some magic when invoking spyder from within a special conda environment so that it will then pick up the additional dependencies or files (e.g. for code completion) from that environment? I am not sure if something like this is currently even possible across different python versions, but it would certainly be very useful for all the people having multiple projects in their separate environments at the same time.
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Mar 06 2017 17:21
@jpoeppel, thanks for the input. The plan is that projects in spyder plus the spyder-conda plugin will allow to create projects that are tied to environments in a way that Spyder can point to the right place (env)
This is a work in progress that will most likely come with 3.2
Carlos Cordoba
Mar 06 2017 19:28
Spyder 3.3, actually :-)
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Mar 06 2017 19:46
(ok 3.3 :-p )