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Sep 2017
C. Knoll
Sep 08 2017 19:04
Hi there. While working on a PR related to #5165 I try to run the tests following . When I run python runtests.pyspyder opens and after some seconds a dialog pops up which asks me " has been modified. Do you want to save the changes?" This dialog seems to block the continuation of the test. If I choose "yes", the same ooccurs again. And then the test suite fails.
Is this intended?
Or better: Do I anything wrong?
Carlos Cordoba
Sep 08 2017 22:02
@cknoll, That dialog is closed automatically, but you can't change the focus of the Spyder window while our tests are running
By changing the focus, I mean selecting another window, like Chrome
C. Knoll
Sep 08 2017 22:10
Hmm. It seems like something with the automatic closing of the dialog does not work. As far as I can tell spyder does not lose the focus. (I do neither touch mouse or keyboard)