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Sep 2017
Carlos Cordoba
Sep 09 2017 00:24
@cknoll, sorry for this. Maybe the problem is you're using Windows?
In any case, you have two options:
  1. Comment this test to allow other tests to run
  2. Add your test to be first one, verify that it works, then move it to be the second one
C. Knoll
Sep 09 2017 10:14
I use Ubuntu 16.04, installed miniconda and thats it. However the whole thing runs on a virtual machine.
C. Knoll
Sep 09 2017 10:38
commenting out the problematic test would seems reasonable
C. Knoll
Sep 09 2017 11:12

New Problem: failing test in branch 3.x: spyder-repo/spyder/app/tests/ AssertionError
(this is in def test_move_to_first_breakpoint(main_window, qtbot): ...

I think the problem is that the String "-->" is placed in line 2 but is expected to be in line 10.

Except of commenting the other problematic test, I did not change anything. But is it possible that the tests in branch 3.x are broken? Or might that be a platform dependent problem?

C. Knoll
Sep 09 2017 12:16
Update: It seems like a platform dependence issue (at least the tests on continuous-integration services do pass)