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Sep 2017
Jitse Niesen
Sep 20 2017 07:41
@Prikers I don't know, but I think it has to do with remote kernels. It is possible (at least there is an option for it in the cogwheels menu) to connect an IPython console to a remote kernel which may run on another machine. I suppose that the remote classes are if you want to investigate the variables in such kernels.
However, I never tried this and I don't understand the code. It could probably do with some TLC.
Jitse Niesen
Sep 20 2017 07:47
In fact, I only have a vague understanding of how the console and the variable explorer communicate.
Jitse Niesen
Sep 20 2017 08:28
A short overview of the process was explained in
Sep 20 2017 08:58
Can I install Spyder 4 beta using pip? if yes how?
Jitse Niesen
Sep 20 2017 11:53
@Jeroendevr No, Spyder 4 beta has not yet been released. You need to run from source using the instructions at (near the bottom).
Carlos Cordoba
Sep 20 2017 13:18
@Prikers, Pierre did the initial design (as @rlaverde said) and his idea was to use the Variable Explorer from the internal console and the old Python console. To handle the Python console case, he wrote the Remote classes.
Sep 20 2017 15:16
Ok thanks !
Jitse Niesen
Sep 20 2017 16:56
Does that mean we don't need the Remote classes anymore, with the Python console gone?