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Feb 2018
Dave Hirschfeld
Feb 16 2018 01:05
It seems I've broken my installation somehow. When I start spyder I get the "Connecting to kernel..." spinner pop up and then.... nothing. It continues to spin forever and no kernel ever starts :(
There are no messages in the console where I started spyder and none in the internal console
This happens with the latest release as well as running from master
Any suggestions of how to debug/fix the problem?
Carlos Cordoba
Feb 16 2018 02:20
@dhirschfeld, yep, please downgrade to pyzmq 16.0.4. That will fix your problem until a new release of ipykernel is done by the Jupyter team
Dave Hirschfeld
Feb 16 2018 02:22
In case it's of use I found a workaround which is to restart the kernel after which it mostly seems to work. Will downgrade to avoid flakiness though - thanks for the tip @ccordoba12!