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Apr 2018
Apr 01 2018 12:13
hi i install spyder with brew install caskroom/versions/spyder-py2
but i cant see spyder ide
can any on ehelp me?
CAM Gerlach
Apr 01 2018 17:39
@milad67 You can probably launch it with spyder or similar from the command line, but its probably very out of date and likely to have issues. Instead, we recommend you install Spyder by downloading the latest version Anaconda distribution (preferably Python 3.6/64-bit unless you have a strong reason otherwise), as it makes the whole process very simple, creates shortcuts to Spyder for you (on Windows at least), and allows you to easily launch it from not only any terminal, but also from the Anaconda navigator GUI.
Carlos Cordoba
Apr 01 2018 18:53
@milad67, our DMGs were discontinued a long time ago. Please use Anaconda to install Spyder instead