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Jul 2018
Brent Payton
Jul 25 2018 15:57
anaconda wide bottom border.PNG
CAM Gerlach
Jul 25 2018 16:26
Thanks for the screenshot. Could it possibly be related to spyder-ide/spyder#7197 or spyder-ide/spyder#7391 ? Can you try closing the Help pane, switching full screen on and off and making sure no UI/HiDPI scaling is set under Spyder's preferences, the Spyder shortcut's properties or the Windows Display settings? If not, any chance it might have anything to do with the changes in #7029 ? What Qt, PyQt and Python versions are you running (you can easily check under Help -> About Spyder)?
Brent Payton
Jul 25 2018 16:57

Inspired by one of the defects you quoted above, I dragged the window from my primary monitor to the second one and this solved the problem. This can't be the solution, however, since the problem returns if the application is re-started.

It didn't seem to be so yesterday but switching from full screen and back also solves the problem.

Changing UI/HiDPI scaling seems to have no effect.

Python 3.6.4 64bits
Qt 5.9.4
PyQt 5..9.2