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Jul 2018
Ogi Moore
Jul 29 2018 20:30
just out of curiosity, how come the conda.recipe directory and contents were removed? the only note I see in that pull commit/merge was planning to use conda-forge to generate beta packages.
Paul Gureghian
Jul 29 2018 22:44
Will there be Spyder 3.3 for Anaconda on a Mac ?
CAM Gerlach
Jul 29 2018 23:27
@paulgureghian_twitter They should already have been up there for some time, since the Windows binaries have been there for well over a week. This page indicates they should be up there, and they show up in the actual OSX x64 main repo directory, where conda looks for packages by default. I don't have a Mac handy to confirm, but I don't see why it shouldn't work. Does conda update spyder not give you the latest version? Might you already have it (checking conda list spyder)? Are your channel settings the default, and are you in the right environment?
Carlos Cordoba
Jul 29 2018 23:51
@j9ac9k, we don't need to keep maintaining our own recipe because we can use the one in conda-forge to generate packages for our beta series in Spyder 4