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Aug 2018
Paul Gureghian
Aug 08 2018 16:19
I can launch spyder from the terminal , but If I close terminal spyder also closes. how to close term and still keep spyder open ?
CAM Gerlach
Aug 08 2018 16:21
@paulgureghian_twitter spyder --hide-console
It would probably also help to use a better terminal emulator than that steaming pile of garbage that ships with Windows, like ConEmu/Cmdr. Couldn't live without it.
Then its just one of your many tabs there, so it doesn't take up any extra room and you've always got it there when you need it.
Paul Gureghian
Aug 08 2018 16:29
when i launch from navigator it defaults to windows cmd line, how to configure it to use git bash / cygwin ? would git bash / cygwin better than a steaming pile?