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Aug 2018
Aug 09 2018 09:57
Hi. I am finding it difficult to run spyder-reports in windows. any help will be appreciated
CAM Gerlach
Aug 09 2018 14:42
@Hari-Magara Currently, development of spyder-reports is paused to focus our resources on Spyder 4, and will be resumed after that is released in early Q1 2019.
Aaron Hall, MBA
Aug 09 2018 17:33
hi there!
Is there a feature or workflow that would allow someone on windows to use spyder to edit files remotely on linux?
CAM Gerlach
Aug 09 2018 17:57
@aaronchall It should be possible to at least run your code on the remote machine with Spyder 3.3.1, due out today (or thereabouts), by installing Spyder-Kernels on the Linux machine and launching a kernel, setting up a SSH tunnel between them as you'd normally do, and and then connecting to the kernel from Spyder on your Windows machine. See the relevant section of our docs for more details.
As for actually opening the files in the editor t hough, I'm not sure. I've done it through NP++ myself.