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Aug 2018
Aug 17 2018 14:59
Hi spyder fam, I've recently started getting a problem that I'm not sure is a spyder bug, but is certainly bugging me. When I try to run a script from the editor (F5 or run button) and have "run in dedicated console" selected, the new console opens and displays the >>>runfile(...) and then hangs. The tab for the new console can be closed (very laggy), but the script will never run. I have tried completely uninstalling ("conda remove spyder & spyder-kernels" as well as deleting the packages from /Anaconda3/pkgs) then reinstalling and running with spyder --reset. I'm not sure where to go from here to find out what's going on..
CAM Gerlach
Aug 17 2018 17:16
Hello @athompson673 , sorry you're experiencing this problem. I just tested the "run in dedicated console" setting while running several simple scripts in Spyder 3.3.1 on Win8.1, and didn't experience the problem. Does it only happen with a specific script, or all scripts you test including trivial examples like print("Hello world!")? What are your exact run settings in the Run Configuration dialog? What Spyder version (update to Spyder 3.3.1 if you aren't on it already with conda update spyder) and OS/version are you using? Can you try e.g. conda update ipykernel spyder-kernels tornado jupyter_client qtconsole ipython pyzmqas well?
Aug 17 2018 20:02
any one here
Vishal Desai
Aug 17 2018 20:27
CAM Gerlach
Aug 17 2018 23:35
@aliBhutta1806_twitter Hey, what can we help you with?
@vsd95_twitter Hi!