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Sep 2018
Vincenzo Russo
Sep 12 2018 13:15
Hi all, i have just received the notification of the new updated version of my favourite ide. Great work!
my only question is: is virtualenv supported? if yes, how?
Carlos Cordoba
Sep 12 2018 13:45
@lordcenzin_gitlab, since you can install Spyder with pip install -U spyder, virtualenvs are supported without any additional configuration
Vincenzo Russo
Sep 12 2018 13:46
@ccordoba12 thanks. however i meant I can build/configure projects and different virtualenvs without re-installing spyder each time
CAM Gerlach
Sep 12 2018 13:57
@lordcenzin_gitlab With Spyder >= 3.3.0 (the current version is 3.3.1), you can, if I understand what you're asking. You can install Spyder in one environment, virtualenv/venv, Python install or even physical machine, and only need to install the lightweight spyder-kernels module in the environment, virtualenv/venv, Python install or other machine in order to give Spyder access to advanced console features. Then, you can freely change the environment/Python install new kernels launch in Under Preferences > Python Interpreter > Use the following Python interpreter, connect to existing kernels running locally or on a remote machine (via SSH), and even run kernels in multiple different environments in the same Spyder session.
Check out our official guide on the topic for more. Further improvements to this will be coming in Spyder 4, with a GUI interface to manage packages and environments right inside of Spyder (similar to Anaconda Navigator, which was itself based on a module originally developed by the Spyder team), the ability to associate a project with an environment, per-project preferences and more.
Vincenzo Russo
Sep 12 2018 14:02
@CAM-Gerlach thanks...I actually did not understand very well your first post...maybe is my ignorance sorry :(. however the last post is referring exactly to what I asked. Thanks
Sep 12 2018 21:51
I had a suggestion for an enhancement regarding code completion, however I found that that system is significantly changing soon (introspection is going to be handled by a Language Server Protocol mechanism), and I wasn't sure if it had already been covered. The issue is fairly simple really: There's no completion for decorators. Any attempt to complete a function or method following an @ symbol does nothing.