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Sep 2018
Man X
Sep 18 2018 13:47
Hi! guys, I'm using the latest anaconda on linux, lately I've realised that spyder is slower than before. The memory percentage is at times above 80%. do i need to free up memory? and if yes how do I do it?
CAM Gerlach
Sep 18 2018 15:06
@Xbongz__twitter Sorry its slow for you. Make sure you update Spyder to the latest version with conda update spyder (the version shipped with Anaconda is often several versions behind the latest), since the team fixed several major memory leaks related to the Variable Explorer and made other performance enhancements. Otherwise, I'm not positive what would be using up so much memory. On my Windows 8.1 x64 system with 24 GiB and a copy of Spyder used for several days, all the panes open as well as a number of files, the total working set of all 13 Spyder-related processes is only about 1.3 GiB (a little over 5% of my total RAM). You could also try closing and relaunching Spyder, or if persists after an update and restart , clearing your preferences and caches, etc with spyder --reset. Also, you can look in your process monitor to see which Spyder thread(s) is/are the culprits—the main one? The jedi/rope/etc analysis threads? QtWebEngine?