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Oct 2018
Oct 16 2018 10:18
hi i am having trouble launching spyder from anaconda. I have uninstalled all versions of python and programmes using python
from my laptop
downloaded and reinstalled anaconda again
but the problem does not seem to go away
it was working fine a week agao
ago dont know why it stopped working all of a suddent
Oct 16 2018 15:10
hi guys
Oct 16 2018 16:27

i just installed the latest anaconda distrib
in Windows
and running conda install pyarrow
seems to be stuck at the solving environment stage
its been 30 min
everything used to work previously
any idea what could be the issue?

Olaf 12:26
typing conda info I see that the channels url is main/win-64 followed by noarch. Is that the issue?

CAM Gerlach
Oct 16 2018 19:23

hi i am having trouble launching spyder from anaconda.

@ladwantstolearn Please describe, in as much detail as you can and with screenshots or verbatim error messages, exactly what behavior you are seeing and exactly how you are launching Spyder, what operating system and version you're using, what version of Python, the Anaconda (e.g. 5.3) distribution, Qt/PyQt, and Spyder you are using, and exactly what you did (updating/changing any packages or configuration on Anaconda or your system, etc) between when it worked and when it didn't, if you want us to be able to help you.

Furthermore, please try the steps listed in the Spyder Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the Basic First Aid and Emergency CPR sections, which resolve the great majority of Spyder installation issues.

and running conda install pyarrow

Sorry, but this appears to be an Anaconda issue rather than anything to do with Spyder, so I advise you look for help or report the bug at an Anaconda-related channel or site instead. Thanks!

@randomgambit Best of luck!
Oct 16 2018 19:26
ok thanks!