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Oct 2018
Aishwarya P Bampalwar
Oct 27 2018 07:07
Hi, I have installed anaconda on my windows -10 64 bit system I executed some projects on it also but suddenly it is not able to open only the shell is opening . So now what I should do whether uninstall anaconda or any other solution is available.
CAM Gerlach
Oct 27 2018 08:28

@abampalwar As a blind guess, perhaps a Spyder instance was inadvertently left running? Try launching it from the Anaconda Prompt with spyder --new-instance, as well as the steps listed in the Spyder Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the Basic First Aid and Emergency CPR sections, which resolve the great majority of Spyder launch issues.

If it still doesn't launch, please provide your Anaconda, Spyder, Qt, and PyQt version, a detailed description (preferably with screenshots; you can paste them directly into this chat) of how you're launching Spyder, the behavior you're experiencing, and the the full, exact text of the error message(s), any updates, installations or other configuration/environment changes between when Spyder worked and when it didn't, and the troubleshooting steps (reset preferences, update Spyder, reboot machine, etc)you already tried. Thanks, and best of luck!