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Oct 2018
Oct 31 2018 16:40
Is it possible to install spyder with macports? I do not have anaconda on my mac.
CAM Gerlach
Oct 31 2018 17:44
@heidifuqua There should be a MacPorts package, and I believe one for the other major systems (Fink, Homebrew) as well. However, it is typically not kept as up to date with the latest Spyder releases, and so you may miss out on the latest features, critical bug fixes, and Mac-related enhancements if you go that route. There are also certain known bugs that are found specifically with those packages that we have no way to fix on our end. If Anaconda is too much, you can install Miniconda, which is just the conda package manager and not much else, and then simply run conda install spyder to get just Spyder and its dependencies rather than the hundreds that come with Anaconda. With the new features available in the very latest Spyder versions (possibly not in Macports yet), you can actually use that copy of Spyder with any Python environment or install on your machine, so long as the spyder-kernels package is installed in such.
Alternatively, you could install it using pip with the existing Python install you're presumably already using (or a new one, if you need it), although sometimes things can go wrong that are hard to fix for non-experts and we don't recommend it. The benefit over MacPorts, however, is you are always kept up to date, and there are few to no pip-specific bugs with the package itself (vs. install problems due to using pip); a number of our developers work this way.