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Nov 2018
Nov 04 2018 05:40
could u send a link to download Anaconda prompt?
CAM Gerlach
Nov 04 2018 05:50
@ASWIN-A-S If you downloaded Anaconda and installed it successfully, Anaconda Prompt should be included automatically (if on Windows) and can be accessed from your start menu/search by typing its name. If you are on another platform (macOS, Linux) you can just use your normal Terminal/command line; activate the base environment with source activate base.
Khalil Al Hooti
Nov 04 2018 10:56 spyder was the 7th fastest open source growing repo in 2018. Indeed very active contributors.
Carlos Cordoba
Nov 04 2018 15:29
@Khalilsqu, nice!! Thanks for letting us know about it!
Ronald Bennett
Nov 04 2018 16:37
Hi, having trouble finding help online. just installed Anaconda3 on windows 8.1. Spyder is not importing libraries. I ran a test from a uk based site and got these results:
runfile('C:/Users/ronnie/Desktop/', wdir='C:/Users/ronnie/Desktop')
Running using Python 3.5.2 |Anaconda 4.2.0 (64-bit)| (default, Jul 5 2016, 11:41:13) [MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)]
Testing Python version-> py3.5 OK
Could not import numpy -> numpy failed
Could not import 'scipy' -> scipy failed
Could not import 'matplotlib/pylab' -> failed
Testing sympy -> sympy OK
Testing pytest -> pytest OK
do I just need to update the libraries for comparability?
CAM Gerlach
Nov 04 2018 17:09

I assume you're using the script from here or an older version; I need to remind Dr. Fangohr to update it since the page is a few years old and somewhat out of date with respect to Spyder, and there could be something out of date in the script. A better test for now would just be to import numpy as np, etc and try some basics.

If you'd installed the latest version of Anaconda, you should have the latest (or close to the latest) versions of those libraries. However...

Python 3.5.2 |Anaconda 4.2.0 (64-bit)|

Is certainly not the latest version, which is Anaconda 5.3.0 with either Python 3.6.6 or Python 3.7.0. Please uninstall and reinstall that version (or you can probably upgrade manually with your current install by opening the Anaconda prompt from your Start menu and doing something like:

conda update conda
conda install python=3.6.6
conda install anaconda=5.3.0
conda update spyder

Finally, for more help with managing and using packages with Spyder, see our official guide to the topic, which I plan to include within our main docs repo so as to be easier to find. This is planned to get much easier in Spyder 4, which will include a built in GUI package and environments manager.

Ronald Bennett
Nov 04 2018 17:11
Thank you for the information. and your help! I will put this in motion and see what happens! looking forward to the new release
CAM Gerlach
Nov 04 2018 17:36
@Ronnieb23 Great, thanks! Good luck!