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Nov 2018
Nov 22 2018 19:50

Hi guys,
I would like to suggest a feature and ask you first before I open a feature request.

The topic is debugging, especially post-mortem debugging.
I use post-mortem debugging quite often (with %debug), and it is quite nice that spyder directly jumps to the line of code where the exception occured.
However, this is often deep down in some other code files (e.g. numpy, tensorflow, etc.) so I need to traverse the stack frames up multiple times until I reach my own code - which each opens all these code files and fills up my IDE.
On the other hand I can look at the traceback inside the iPython Console and directly choose which code file or line number I want to go to.

It would be really cool to have a way to enter post-mortem debugging at a specific stack frame postion. (E.g. by entering it and going up by x levels WITHOUT opening all the source files on the way).
For example by right clicking on the line number in the console and selecting "Run Post Mortem Debugger until here".

It would also be cool to have a window showing all the stack frames available, allowing a quick jump by clicking...
I thought since you guys are currently working on the debugger interface anyway right now, this could be the time to propose it :)