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Nov 2018
Nov 26 2018 14:47
I was wondering if SPYDER is free to be used for commercial purposes, that is in a business or enterprise to generate revenue?
CAM Gerlach
Nov 26 2018 16:46
@ShahabGaroosi Sure. Like any free (libre) and open-source software by definition, Spyder can be used by anyone, for any purpose, without restriction. Free and open source licenses only place requirements on distribution, of which Spyder's permissive MIT license imposes very few—if you redistribute Spyder or modified versions thereof outside your company or use any of the code in your own application, you only have to retain/include the contents of the LICENSE.txt file in a prominent place in the source code and mention or link to it wherever you mention other copyright notices and license information in your software. Of course, I'm not a lawyer and this does not constitute formal legal advice.