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Nov 2018
CAM Gerlach
Nov 30 2018 00:05 UTC

Anaconda just seems way too bloated for me

@MikeAmy Sure, in that case you might want to consider Miniconda, which gives you all the power of the Conda package manager and environments without any of the bloat (its essentially just conda itself plus Python of course, and no extra packages other than those you choose to install yourself). And of course, you can still use pip just as you would normally, if you choose (and even virtualenv/venv, though you're generally better off sticking with the more powerful and reliable conda environments).

You can then install Spyder there, and use it with any conda-env, virtualenv, Python install or system Python on your machine, as well as kernels on remote machines connected via SSH, and can mix and match active consoles between any of them at once (since you can open unlimited Console tabs in different environments).