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Dec 2018
Dec 03 2018 17:11
how to stop a running program in spyder
can someone help me out
CAM Gerlach
Dec 03 2018 17:22
Try the stop button or Ctrl-C. If that doesn't work and you're running Python 3.7 on Windows, its likely a known bug ( ipython/ipykernel#374 ) in the third-party ipykernel library that I reported and they just got fixed and will be available in their next version.
In the meantime, you can downgrade to Python 3.6 if its sufficiently critical, but the fix should be out shortly.
Jean-S├ębastien Gosselin
Dec 03 2018 21:47

Perhaps we could display interactive HTML graphs in the new figure gallery with QWebView

@bcolson This would be really neat! @jnsebgosselin , any chance of this happening?

yes, I think this would be feasible.