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Dec 2018
Old Guy in the Club
Dec 06 2018 05:18
Getting Spyder to talk to pydoc: I'd like to see Python documentation within Spyder. I get "Unable to load page" errors on all the links though. According to the link below, it isn't Spyder's fault - it only renders pydoc info. But, pydoc is available on my Anaconda installation - I can run it from the terminal. spyder-ide/spyder#5533 How do I get these two to talk to each other? I'm on Spyder 3.3.1, Anaconda 5.3, Python 2.7, MacOS 10.13.6
Old Guy in the Club
Dec 06 2018 05:32
Addendum: Searching the docs through the search box works for some items; e.g. numpy, scipy, os, math, copy, print, map, filter, reduce... but not for others; e.g. def, for, prettyprint, import, class, ...
Dec 06 2018 08:19
i am not able to launch anaconda spyder
CAM Gerlach
Dec 06 2018 08:20
@astin002 Please describe how you are trying to launch it (shortcut, Navigator, command line) and exactly what happens (any error messages, dialogs, behavior, etc) when you try to do so.
Also, what OS, Anaconda (newest is 5.3.0) and Spyder (latest is 3.3.2) version you are using.
Dec 06 2018 08:21

and anaconda team is replied me DEC 06, 2018 | 01:42AM CST
Ashish Mishra replied:
Anaconda is no more supporting Spyder.

Best regards
Ashish Mishra

DEC 06, 2018 | 11:21PM CST
Original message
contact wrote:

Contact message from "astin002 ("

Subject: Hello!

Body: not able to launch anaconda spyder 3.3.1 on windows multipoint server 2012
it is only giving me the black screen and when i am clicking the mouse right button option what are comming is
run shell
run shell in advanced
kindly help me

CAM Gerlach
Dec 06 2018 08:31
This is most likely caused by a third party graphics library issue specific to your system, over which Spyder has no direct control. From the Anaconda prompt, try conda update qt pyqt. If that doesn't make Spyder work, try conda install pyqt=5.6. Also, there's no reason not to launch Spyder via the standard shortcut (i.e. Win + "Spyder") since its far more convenient than using Navigator and the latter can sometimes induce problems of its own that launching directly via the shortcut avoids. Finally, if it still doesn't work, try launching it from the command line (spyder) to see more detailed error messages so we can give you further advice.
Dec 06 2018 08:34
can you come on team viewer to assit me better
CAM Gerlach
Dec 06 2018 08:39
I'm afraid not, sorry. We're all just volunteers, with limited time and resources. If you follow the steps above as I suggested, as well as those listed in the Spyder Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the Basic First Aid and Emergency CPR sections, that should very likely resolve the great majority of Spyder installation issues. In fact, given what you've described its very likely the first step I suggest, trying a different Qt version, will fix it.
Carlos Cordoba
Dec 06 2018 15:01
@astin002, the black screen problem should be fixed after updating to our latest version (3.3.2)