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Dec 2018
Old Guy in the Club
Dec 14 2018 03:07
@ccordoba12 Thanks but I am still not clear on the implications. Would the Notebook plugin require substantial additional time and funding to update to Spyder v4 or do you think it might be correcting some small portions of the code? I know I am a broken record on Spyder/Jupyter integration but I did a small demo of it to a couple of coworkers and they were quite intrigued by the possibilities for helping newcomers to Python get up to speed.
Carlos Cordoba
Dec 14 2018 03:48

@OldGuyInTheClub, I thought you were talking about creating new plugins yourself and maintaining them for Spyder 3 and 4.

spyder-notebook needs a new release to be compatible with our latest stable version (3.3.2) and with our master branch because of an incompatibility we introduced in 3.3.2, but that's almost ready.

Further development needs more funding (unfortunately) but we'll work to keep spyder-notebook running on Spyder 4 (just that). We started that project (along with spyder-terminal and spyder-reports) while we were working for Anaconda. Now we don't have the resources to work on Spyder 4 and them at the same time.

Old Guy in the Club
Dec 14 2018 03:52
I understand. Thank you.