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Dec 2018
Dec 31 2018 16:19
Hello Developers, I have a question. How to use Spyder İde without anaconda,is it impossible?
Samson Daniel
Dec 31 2018 17:54
@CAM-Gerlach Thanks, I'll try that and keep that end-of-life thing in mind.
CAM Gerlach
Dec 31 2018 23:30
@RasitEvduzen Hey, so there are a number of ways to install Python without Anaconda (though we recommend it for those without a lot of Python experience), including using the WinPython distribution on Windows, Fink/Macports on macOS, your system package manager on Linux, or a cross-platform standard pip install. Check out our installation docs for more details on the various options.
@SamsonCodes Glad to help, and happy Spydering!