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Jan 2019
Albert Camin
Jan 01 20:38
Hello! I was doing a course of Python and they talked to us about sharing codes in GitHub. I downloaded it, but the Git Editor was not included, so I downloaded Atom. But I don't know how to share somehing there. Maybe you could give me some hints about it? The course is over and I don't know how to resolve this point. Thanks in advance!
CAM Gerlach
Jan 01 22:25
@albertcamin Hey, so this is actually the Gitter for the Spyder IDE, an open-source scientific programming and analysis environment for Python similar to Rstudio or MATLAB. Particularly if you're working in the sciences, engineering, or data analysis-related project, you might want to give it a try. It includes an editor like Atom, although with interactive IPython consoles, realtime code and style analysis, completion and introspection facilities, an on-demand help viewer for documentation as you type, a Variable Explorer allowing to to view and edit Python objects in your environment, a debugger, static analyzer, profiler, find in files tool, project support, outline viewer, history log and more, as well as basic Git support.
CAM Gerlach
Jan 01 22:32
Although you'd be better off asking it in a forum aimed at general programming/Github help, to briefly answer your question you can either share snippits of code or even whole scripts using Github's Gist service, by simply copying and pasting your code from any editor/IDE, or (assuming you already have a local Git repository with your code, if not you'll want to read a basic tutorial on using Git first) you can create a new repository on, set it as your remote with git remote add origin <URL TO YOUR NEW REPO>, and use git push to push your changes to Github. Make sure to add a LICENSE.txt (with e.g. the MIT license) so others can actually use your code. For more details, see e.g. Github's documentation. Best of luck!