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Jan 2019
Albert Camin
Jan 02 11:27
Thank so much!!! Very kind of you!
Jan 02 17:02
hi i am doing python course . my spyder ide is giving
An error ocurred while starting the kernel
Jan 02 19:11
I am wondering how can I see inside the tensor object of torch module in spyder? I read this page and I tried all comment but none of them is working. any comment would appreciate
CAM Gerlach
Jan 02 19:13
@amitkumarbalaji_twitter Please post a screenshot of the error message. What is your version of Spyder, Python, Operating System and Spyder-Kernels package? Have you tried updating Spyder to the latest version (3.3.2)? Have you tried the other steps on our Troubleshooting Guide?
CAM Gerlach
Jan 02 19:18
@NdaAzr Support for tensors should be pretty straightforward to add to Spyder's Variable Explorer, and I've outlined the exact procedure in spyder-ide/spyder#7042 , if you're interested. It should be a pretty good first contribution, especially since Spyder is written in Python just like your own code, and we're happy to offer additional guidance if you're confused about something in particular.