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Jan 2019
Jan 04 07:17
im getting above error
i am useing windows 10 pro 64 bit
spyder 3.3.2
Jan 04 09:53
Hello, any someone can help me with Library MFCC Pyhton
CAM Gerlach
Jan 04 15:52
@amitkumarbalaji_twitter Several users have reported this issue on another closed, unrelated issue ( spyder-ide/spyder#2812 ) but I can't seem to find a dedicated issue about it. I suggest you try updating Spyder-Kernels (conda update spyder-kernels in the Anaconda Prompt), making sure your Python Interpreter under Preferences > Python Interpreter is set to Default, and ensure there aren't any non-ASCII characters present in the path to your Anaconda installation, your username or your working directory. If that doesn't work try updating several relevant third-party dependencies (conda update ipykernel jupyter_client pyzmq ipython), and if still not working try temporarily downgrading Python to 3.6 (conda install python=3.6).
@rahmattb Hello, this is the Gitter room for the Spyder Integrated Development Environment for Python data science. I'm not sure I understand how your question is related to Spyder, or even what you are asking. If it is, could you explain further? Thanks!