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Jan 2019
Jan 11 10:29

Hi guys - is there a keyboard short cut that toggles the "argument" popup?
I mean when I type in a function name + open parenthesis e.g. "help("
a popup with the arguments for that function pops up.

However I haven't found a way to get this pop-up without deleting and re-writing a new "(" once the function is already written.
It would be really handy to get this on purpose, e.g. if you add additional parameters to a function, etc.

What would be cool would be something like:
Ctrl+Shift+I inside parenthesis shows the argument list to function left of the opening "(" - if it is a function

Jan 11 10:35
Btw. I'm really excited about seeing the new beta next week :)
If possible I would like to use it for some demos next Thursday :)
CAM Gerlach
Jan 11 19:31
@pramodadhikari Just guessing here until @ccordoba12 responds, but try conda update python pyzmq.

Hi guys - is there a keyboard short cut that toggles the "argument" popup?

@hofingermarkus I don't believe so, but you're welcome to open an issue requesting the feature or submit a PR to add it. It should be pretty straightforward to add.

If you want to use something close to the new beta earlier if its not officially out, you can always run our latest Github release. However, like the beta but more so, it might not be a wise idea for a demo since there could be unexpected bugs or the completion could still be flaky which wouldn't look too good for your demo :)

Jan 11 22:34
im trying to download spyder but it wont let me anyone can help me
Carlos Cordoba
Jan 11 22:43
@pramodadhikari, please update Python in your environment and try again. Perhaps that error is fixed in Python 3.7.1