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Jan 2019
Jan 21 08:52 UTC
@CAM-Gerlach I tried the command "conda install ipython=6 ipykernel=4 python=3.6.7" in tensorflow environment in Anaconda prompt but still same issue is coming.
Jan 21 17:10 UTC
How do I run a User defined function in iPython?
CAM Gerlach
Jan 21 17:27 UTC

@txgoldbear Just like you run any other function in Python. Suppose you have a function

def sum(a, b):
    return a + b

You can run it by simply calling it like any other function, sum(2, 2).

I suggest you consult the Python tutorial and the Introduction to IPython for quicker and more appropriate help, since this is the Gitter chat for the Spyder IDE, not either of those.
CAM Gerlach
Jan 21 17:35 UTC
@priypath Try conda update pyzmq jupyter_client in your current environment, and if that doesn't work, try creating a clean, isolated environment for Spyder itself with
conda create -n spyder-env python=3.6
activate spyder-env
conda install spyder
spyder --new-instance
Then, under Preferences > Python Interpreter > Use the following Python interpreter set the path to the python.exe of your Tensorflow environment. This is under the Anaconda directory and is either directly under that directory if you installed it in the default base environment, or under envs/TENSORFLOW_ENVIRONMENT_NAME otherwise (you can see the environment name printed to the left of the prompt in the Anaconda prompt.
CAM Gerlach
Jan 21 17:41 UTC
If it still fails, check the Console and paste any output after the > spyder line (that you typed to launch Spyder) here inside a code block (or a text file, if its longer than like 5-10 lines) which might give us a hint what's happening. Thanks.