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Jan 2019
Jan 24 11:03 UTC
I tried your suggestions, but I'm still having the issue. The behaviour seems to have changed slightly though: Spyder now remains open for a few seconds after I unlock the computer and then shuts down, rather than shutting down immediately
Jan 24 11:12 UTC
Event log.PNG
Windows Event Viewer shows the above error after each crash, if that's helpful
Jan 24 11:40 UTC
I am not able to enable or get the documentation of Object inspector
Carlos Cordoba
Jan 24 14:32 UTC
@danfenn, your problem could be cause by your firewall/antivirus. Please deactivate them and try again
Jan 24 19:16 UTC
I m trying to launch spyder in anaconda navigation but "load library failed with error1114 is coming. Please suggest me how tp proceed further?
CAM Gerlach
Jan 24 20:54 UTC
@Divyanshutri That likely has something to do with your system, with Navigator or your Anaconda installation rather than Spyder, but someone just posted about this here and said they found this Youtube video that solved the problem. In the future, always try Googling your problem first since you are likely not the first to have it and can usually find the solution faster that way.
Also, if you're on Windows, its essentially always faster to launch Spyder from the start menu shortcut directly than from Navigator, and you can avoid Navigator-related problems that way.
CAM Gerlach
Jan 24 21:01 UTC
@Martur_gitlab You mean the Help Viewer (to my knowledge, it hasn't been called Object Inspector for many years)? Make sure Spyder and Anaconda are on the latest version, and you're using the same versions of Spyder dependencies, in particular rope, jedi, parso and sphinx that are present in the Anaconda distribution by default to make sure they work well together (you can get the versions by looking at the dependencies of the anaconda metapackage). Also, it has a known problem on some systems that it can stop working after being open for a long time or the computer being locked or put to sleep; that should be fixed in the forthcoming Spyder 4 which has a totally new completion/introspection system based on that used by VSCode and Atom. Finally, some objects simply can't be inspected statically by nature, since they don't have the proper docstring, use compiled code, etc. There are several meta-issues about this you can look at for more details, particularly spyder-ide/spyder#4410 and spyder-ide/spyder#5393 .
Jan 24 22:06 UTC
I am new to Python and all its tools...I need help...I have my Anaconda and Jupyter installed... Is it possible to install only Spyder IDE?
The download option says Spyder with Anaconda...
what happens to my already installed Anaconda?
CAM Gerlach
Jan 24 22:13 UTC
@Milagu Spyder comes installed by default with Anaconda, so you don't need to download anything more. If you're on Windows, you can launch Spyder by simply tapping the Windows key and typing its name to launch the start menu shortcut. On macOS and Linux, you can launch it from the Anaconda Navigator or with spyderfrom the command prompt (you can also do these on Windows as well, but the former way is faster).
While you're at it, make sure to update Spyder to the latest version with conda update spyder spyder-kernels to get the most recent features and bug fixes, and you can check out our documentation or just ask here if you need help using the IDE.