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Jan 2019
Ali Safieddine
Jan 29 09:29
hey guys, i have a problem with spyder, the open command prompt is not showing in tools
I installed the package spyder-terminal which was installed successfully but the cmd didn't appear
CAM Gerlach
Jan 29 17:39
@AliSafiaddine_twitter I'm not sure as I haven't used that plugin myself, is that where its supposed to appear? Did you look under the Consoles menu as well? Its possible its simply a temporary incompatibility with newer Spyder versions given development of that plugin is temporarily paused while we finish the Spyder 4 release and then update it to be fully compatible, but I'm not actually sure what the specific situation is with that one. @ccordoba12 ?
Carlos Cordoba
Jan 29 17:42
It should be compatible but I'm not using at the moment