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Feb 2019
Feb 06 05:45
hello , spyder IDE not launching
it doesn't show any error
CAM Gerlach
Feb 06 05:50
What OS, Python, and Spyder versions are you using? How are you installing and launching Spyder? What troubleshooting steps have you already tried from the Spyder Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the Basic First Aid and Emergency CPR sections?
@vijaykanagaraj Also, can you open an Anaconda prompt terminal, type set SPYDER_DEBUG=3, and then launch it with spyder and take a full screenshot of the resulting output?
Otherwise, without providing us more specific information, this problem could be almost anything and thus it is not possible to diagnose the problem or provide you with meaningful advice. Thanks!
Feb 06 16:08
i am not able to launch syper,its showing some error
CAM Gerlach
Feb 06 17:13
@Vrindajvr Please see and follow me previous comments. Also, what error, exactly? That's rather important. Can you take a screenshot? Thanks.
Feb 06 20:30
i am currently using 3.3.2 Spyder version
i have tried reinstalling anaconda , open close anaconda many times , typed code to reset spyder , tried above given code also...nothing makes sense
when i am trying above code set SPYDER_DEBUG=3 and SPYDER loads and shows "Python stopped working"
i am really fed-up with this thing....someone please help
Feb 06 20:36
one week before also everything works fine....but suddenly it stucks...
when i click on "Launch" in spyder shows "Launching Spyder" and some box runs next to it....after that nothing ....remains idle