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Feb 2019
Feb 07 02:53
how do I install matplotlib?
I would re-install spyder/ anaconda

@vijaykanagaraj Thanks for the information. As I asked before, what Python and operating system version are you using?

when i am trying above code set SPYDER_DEBUG=3 and SPYDER loads and shows "Python stopped working"

So what does it show in the Anaconda prompt window? Screenshot, please.

when i click on "Launch" in spyder shows "Launching Spyder" and some box runs next to it....after that nothing ....remains idle

In general, you should always launch Spyder directly via the start menu shortcut (its far faster than first opening Navigator, then opening Spyder) or by typing spyder in the Anaconda prompt, since this avoids potential bugs and errors on Anaconda Navigator's side (as we've seen quite a bit of lately), while there are no real advantages to opening it with Navigator. However, if you still got the error after opening spyder with the Anaconda prompt as I asked you to, then its not limited to Navigator.

CAM Gerlach
Feb 07 03:00
@BookmDan I appreciate you trying to help, but please try to carefully read the information the user has provided first. As you can see, they've already done that, as they said i have tried reinstalling anaconda , open close anaconda many times. Thanks.

@vijaykanagaraj Anyway, please try all of the above. Particularly, make sure you are running Spyder from the Anaconda prompt (with spyder, after set SPYDER_DEBUG=3) and not Anaconda Navigator. If that doesn't work, try the below, testing spyder after each one:

  • Running Spyder with spyder --opengl=software, spyder --opengl=gles and spyder --opengl=desktop and seeing if any work.
  • Disabling any security, antivirus and firewall software temporarily (they can sometimes interfere with Spyder)
  • Updating your OS and graphics drivers
  • Running conda install pyopengl
  • If you have multiple GPUs (e.g. an Intel HD integrated graphics from your CPU, and a separate Nvidia or AMD GPU, common in many laptops) try forcing applications to use one or the other
  • Running conda install --force-reinstall pyqt=5.9 qt=5.9 (make sure to test spyder before running the next command, and only do it if it doesn't work)
  • Running conda install pyqt=5.6 qt=5.6

If none of that works, try creating a fresh, isolated environment for Spyder:

conda create -n spyder-env python=3.6
activate spyder-env
conda install spyder
Feb 07 03:17
okay thank you
Feb 07 18:30
Merhaba iyiakşamlar
sypder da sklearn.cross_validation kodunu tanımlayamıyorum bu konuda bana yardımcı olabilirmisin???????
CAM Gerlach
Feb 07 21:05
@Hamiterol Read our guide to working with packages and environments with Spyder. If the problem is with Scikit-Learn, not with Spyder, then I suggest you read their documentation/help forums instead. If you try the same code in jupyter qtconsole does it work?
Best of luck!