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Feb 2019
Feb 08 11:48
Hi Friends. I cannot get cufflinks to work under Spyder. Can anyone help ? Although it does work under Jupyter. Also when i check pip list, cufflinks is listed there. Is this a Spyder issue ?
CAM Gerlach
Feb 08 16:18
Hello @VaziDavid , sorry you're having an issue. First, I suggest you read our guide to working with packages and environments with Spyder to help rule out configuration issues that might have caused it. If none of that fixes it, please let us know:
  • Exactly what errors/behaviors you are seeing, and in response to which commands
  • How you installed Spyder (pip, Anaconda, etc)
  • If you are sure your environment under Preferences > Python Interpreter is the same as the one in which cufflinks is installed
  • Confirm that you tested it in QtConsole and the results under the same environment as Spyder (launch from an Anaconda prompt/terminal with jupyter qtconsole)?
  • Your OS, Python and Spyder versions