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Feb 2019
CAM Gerlach
Feb 13 2019 00:31 UTC
Also @KChicaeme_twitter , as always, we recommend using Python >=3.6 wherever possible, given Python 2's age, limited package support and impending end of life date in under a year.
Lindsay Fowler
Feb 13 2019 06:25 UTC
I have the latest version of Spyder and the Help goes to a 404.
Is this a known bug?
CAM Gerlach
Feb 13 2019 06:28 UTC
@LindsayFowler You'll need to be much more specific, sorry. Which version of Spyder? How did you install it? The Help pane or the Online Help pane? If either one, what do you mean "goes to a 404"? What did you try to get Help on, and from the Editor or the Console? Or do you mean the link to the documentation? If so, what link?
Feb 13 2019 10:26 UTC
Hi Friends. When examing a pre-programmed function such as train_test_split, is there a way to grab the boiler plate code from the description ? I know that's is really lazy... And I even ashamed to ask :-)
Feb 13 2019 14:16 UTC
Hello is any one there? I am trying to use python to download gigapan images but the script keeps saying syntax error
Feb 13 2019 15:55 UTC
Is it possible to install Sypder in french language?
CAM Gerlach
Feb 13 2019 16:33 UTC
@VaziDavid I'm not sure what you mean by "boiler plate code", but you can see a rendered, rich text version of a function's docstring in Spyder's Help pane. Just put your cursor over the name of the object you want (or enable the "Automatic Connections" feature in Preferences > Help and simply type the function name in the Editor or Console) and press the Inspect object shortcut, Ctrl-I by default. You can switch the help mode in the top right to "Show source" to see the actual code of the function along with the docstring in plain text.
@Nanotaha Sorry, could you explain how your problem is related to the Spyder data science IDE? I'm not sure I understand, thanks.
CAM Gerlach
Feb 13 2019 16:42 UTC
@tb3360_twitter Sure, Spyder has a full French translation, as well as many other languages. Spyder automatically uses the language localization set in your OS, so you'll either need to set that to French, or you can change it by setting the LANG OS environment variable to your desired UI language, e.g. fr-FR for French French.
Feb 13 2019 22:48 UTC
Hi, is it possible to know the list of objects created by a project in python like in R studio? In R studio, if someone puts the command object(), it comes with all available objects created for the project. Also, anyone can ask for individual object. Thank you