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Feb 2019
Feb 19 10:59
how do we update my spider
Beacuse my spyder is not the latest version
Rahul Raj
Feb 19 15:32
Cannot save the whole output of console in Spyder
Please help
CAM Gerlach
Feb 19 17:19
@awesometyb_twitter If you read the notification Spyder presented to you when notifying you of a new update, or when manually checking for updates with Help > Check for Updates, it tells you exactly how to update Spyder. Just like any other Python package you have installed, if you are using it under Anaconda/Miniconda, you need to run conda update spyder in your terminal/command line (Anaconda prompt, on Windows); otherwise (and only if you don't have it installed via Anaconda), you can update it with pip install -U spyder.
@rahul-85 What version of Spyder do you have? Can you explain more clearly what you are trying to do, exactly how you've tried to do it so far, and specifically what unsatisfactory results you have received, so we can provide you proper help? Thanks.
You can save Console output by simply copying and pasting, by using Ctrl-Shift-A to select all, and by using the context menu options to save it to HTML/XML and to a PDF (print) respectively.