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Feb 2019
Feb 23 14:29
@CAM-Gerlach I did a conda install -c defaults pyglet which was installed with conda-forge but a conda listhas still a conda-forge mark on pyglet, normal ? I probably used conda-forge because pyglet was not available through defaults...
CAM Gerlach
Feb 23 17:11

conda install -c defaults pyglet which was installed with conda-forge

@jproy This was likely because conda-forge was set as a channel in, e.g. your global or environment .condarc file (or it otherwise remembered the channel from before). To clarify, the -c option only adds the selected channel to your channel list and gives it priority, but doesn't override it entirely.

If you want to install a package that's only on conda-forge, you have two options, in the order from simplest to safest/"best":

  1. If its a high-level, pure-Python "tip of the stack" package that doesn't heavily depend on lower-level binaries like Qt, Numpy, etc., you can sometimes get away with installing just that package into a defaults working environment (I don't ever recommend this on base, though): use conda install -c defaults -c conda-forge PACKAGE-NAME to install only the package(s) (hopefully, just the actual package you want) that aren't on defaults.
  2. Otherwise, I recommend just creating a dedicated environment for such conda-forge packages and either putting conda-forge at the top of the .condarc file for the env, or always doing conda install -c conda-forge with every install command. You can use Spyder wit hthis environment by just selecting its Python interpreter (under Anaconda3/envs/YOUR_ENV_NAME/python.exe) in Spyder's Preferences, under Python interpreter > Use the following Python interpreter.

Check out our guide to working with packages and environments in Spyder for more information about the latter part, which will be even easier in Spyder 4 with our built-in package and environment management GUI. Also, AD and CF are currently working to unify their compiler stack, so that you can mix packages from each channel without these sorts of problems.

Feb 23 19:37
How do I update Spyder in Anaconda on OSX? I'm an ignorant newbie, please speak loudly and clearly. The help page doesn't say WHERE to RUN the update command: "Updating Spyder¶
If you installed Spyder through Anaconda (recommended), WinPython, MacPorts, or your system package manager, update using those same methods. With Anaconda, just run (in Anaconda Prompt if on Windows) conda update anaconda to update the distribution as a whole and conda update spyder to update Spyder specifically." DO I just open a cmd prompt and run away?
CAM Gerlach
Feb 23 19:44

DO I just open a cmd prompt and run away?

@jdfrost Yep, I assume that should work; its however you normally install and update Anaconda packages. I should clarify the install docs on that point; I'll do it as part of spyder-ide/spyder-docs#89

Feb 23 19:51
I installed it as part of the full Anaconda install DMG. But instead of doing that I guess I can use the command-line command.
Then again, I see that the Spyder menu in the Anaconda Navigator Home page has a setting icon with an Update option. I'll try that !! .... a noob.
CAM Gerlach
Feb 23 20:20
@jdfrost Check out the basic documentation for Anaconda; it describes how to manage packages in the Anaconda Navigator and the command line.