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Mar 2019
Prashant Jha
Mar 03 2019 03:13 UTC
@CAM-Gerlach Thanks for your answer. It was really helpful. I went through the GSoC Idea list and the project related to improvement of Spyder Notebook interests me the most. I'm good with Python and also familiar with PyQt and Jupyter Notebook. Please tell me initial step to understand how the code works for Spyder Notebook.
CAM Gerlach
Mar 03 2019 05:16 UTC
@dis-is-pj Cool! I'd suggest you look through the codebase to get a feel for how things are organized, and then take a look a the open issues there and pick one or two bugs to try to fix. More so than just the solution, I find it is the process of figuring out what the code and process flow that causes the bug, how it relates to the wider plugin and how to fix it really helps motivate deeper practical understanding of the code. Furthermore, download and get used to the UI, workflow and general functionality of the plugin so you're familiar with that. Finally, keep an eye on the work Carlos is doing in spyder-ide/spyder-notebook#198 and the related spyder-ide/spyder#8798 to get a feel for the new plugin API and how that all works.
Also, make sure you've brushed up on the basics of HTML and the Jupyter notebook syntax and workflow, if you haven't already.
Piyush Chauhan
Mar 03 2019 07:12 UTC

Hi everyone,
First of all Congrats :smiley: that Spyder has been selected in GSoC 2019 under NumFocus!! @CAM-Gerlach @ccordoba12

I am Piyush Chauhan, Computer Science undergrad student at Indian Institute of Technology Patna doing BTech. I love coding in Python and have been using Spyder for over a year. I am also helping build a community for Developer Student Club powered by Google Developers as a Technical Lead.

I would like to work on the Spyder-Notebook plugin. I'll start exploring the codebase asap. @CAM-Gerlach @ccordoba12 Can you please guide me ahead? Do you have any specific must reads to get started in the Spyder Noebook Project?

CAM Gerlach
Mar 03 2019 07:15 UTC
Hey @piyushchauhan , thanks for reaching out. Please read the comment right before this one, which discusses exactly that in response to another student who was also interested in the same project. The best extant summary of the main needs of the project is given in the description on the ideas page and in the issues on that repo, as I discuss above; beyond that, we don't have extremely detailed plans at this relatively early stage of the GSOC process but we will certainly try to let you know if and when we do. Thanks!
Piyush Chauhan
Mar 03 2019 07:17 UTC
@CAM-Gerlach Thanks :thumbsup: I'll dive in