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Mar 2019
CAM Gerlach
Mar 05 2019 00:01 UTC
@pijcab Spyder 3.3.3 is not yet 100% compatible with Qt 5.12, which pip installs. We will release 3.3.4 shortly, along with a new version of QtAwesome (which provide the icons) that fixes the problem. In the meantime, please either use Qt 5.9.x (5.10 and 5.11 should work too) with Spyder.
Mar 05 2019 00:24 UTC
@CAM-Gerlach oh woaw well thank you. After a few come and go with the goddamn QtWebEngine not being compatible with 5.9 I got it to work. The documentation wasn't kidding that installing with pip is... complex :D
Thanks for the quick help
Mar 05 2019 03:31 UTC
How to install spyder terminal so that all future envs and spyder installs get it ? or does it have to be installed each time ?
CAM Gerlach
Mar 05 2019 03:57 UTC
@paulgureghian_gitlab spyder-terminal just needs to be installed in whatever environment you installed Spyder into, which only need be one environment (and then you can switch between environments or even entire Python installs with Python interpreter > Use the following Python interpreter in Spyder's preferences, so long as spyder-kernels is installed in them. See our guide to working with packages and envronments with Spyder for more.
Nikhil Pandey
Mar 05 2019 14:35 UTC
Hi, I am final year student at Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India. I am looking forward to apply for GSoC and wish to contribute to Spyder version control system project. How to get started?
Mar 05 2019 16:56 UTC
Hi, My code was working well a few days ago, but today I got the following error: An error ocurred while starting the kernel b". I have not installed anything new. I'm just starting to work with codes, I have no experience. I have entered some forums, but I do not understand anything.
I'm working with a geochemistry program (iphreeqc) that connects to Python through a Microsoft COM (component object model), apparently the problem is only with python because it works well with Excel (visual basic). I would appreciate your help.
The code is the following:
from win32com.client import Dispatch
dbase = Dispatch('IPhreeqcCOM.Object')
db_path = r'C:\Program Files (x86)\USGS\IPhreeqcCOM 3.4.0-12927\database\minteq.v4.dat'
sim = dbase.GetSelectedOutputArray()
Mar 05 2019 17:11 UTC
@TonneCode I'm Linux so I can't answer your COM question, but you can try this package: It links to the library directly without the need for COM
Mar 05 2019 17:23 UTC
@bcolsen Thanks for your answer. I tried to install PhreeqPy before, but I did not succeed. Anyway, I'll try again. Thank you!
Any microsoft user that can help me?
CAM Gerlach
Mar 05 2019 20:35 UTC
@menikhilpandey Thanks for your interest in interning with Spyder as part of GSoC! Here are some things you can do to get started learning about the project, preparing for potentially helping us implement the project idea you selected, and letting us get to know your programming skills and abilities:
  • Read our Contributing guide and at least skim our Development wiki (some of the material on the latter is out of date)
  • Read through some of the active issues and try working on one or two simple ones that don't have anyone assigned, to get familiar with the general flow and organization of the code and demonstrate your programming abilities
  • Read the documentation for git-cola and qgit work and understand the basics of how they work
  • Make sure you're familiar with the basics of using Git, and a general overview of how it works behind the scenes
CAM Gerlach
Mar 05 2019 20:56 UTC
@TonneCode Are you saying that running the code you mention causes the kernel to crash and display that message? Can you run it line by line and see which line actually triggers the issue? If you run your code in the same environment as Spyder with a Jupyter QtConsole instance (e.g. jupyter qtconsole from the Anaconda prompt), does it work?
Mar 05 2019 21:41 UTC
@CAM-Gerlach Thanks for your answer. I have already solved the problem. The kernel died because one of my input files for iphreeqc had an error and those caused the kernel to crash. Thanks for your time.