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Mar 2019
Mar 08 16:29
@CAM-Gerlach Hello, I went through the codebase and documents related to contributing . Now I understand how code is organised and code is also readable to me. But when I come to select an issue to work on, I'm really confused and can't relate with most of them. Are there ant labels for issues I should look for. Please help me to get started with the issue solving as a beginner.
Ghezal Ahmad Zia
Mar 08 16:31
Hi, How to install with Conda, I have already the conda package but how to get the spyder
CAM Gerlach
Mar 08 17:58
@ghezalahmad If you installed Ana-conda, you already have Spyder; just open it with the start menu shortcut (Windows), by opening it with spyder from the Anaconda prompt (windows) or terminal/command line (mac/linux), or from Anaconda Navigator. If you installed Mini-conda, you need to install it with conda install spyder fro m the command line/Anaconda prompt.
@dis-is-pj You can try issues tagged with "Help Wanted: Beginner" tag, or one of the many issues I've created and already outlined a straightforward solution to. @ccordoba12 any further suggestions?