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Mar 2019
Bhawesh Bhansali
Mar 20 17:19
I'm Bhawesh, a student from India pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. I've been into full stack application development with technologies like NodeJS, React, Flask and am a python enthusiast. I'm really excited and am looking forward to contributing to Spyder-IDE. I would love to get along and build the VCS plugin for Spyder as a GSoC'19 project!

I've setup the IDE locally and the dev version is up and running. Can someone please point the issues which would be a great start?

Also, is there a way to hot reload the IDE when changes are made to the code?

Carlos Cordoba
Mar 20 17:22

I would love to get along and build the VCS plugin for Spyder as a GSoC'19 project!

We finally decided not participate in GSoC this year, but thanks for your interest

Bhawesh Bhansali
Mar 20 17:23
Ah, okay. I wasn't aware of that.
Irrespective, I'd like to work on the VCS. What'll be a good start?
Carlos Cordoba
Mar 20 17:28
I'm very sorry but we don't have the time to guide you through this. You're welcome to help us though to solve some of our open issues.
Bhawesh Bhansali
Mar 20 17:31
No problem!
I'll start with open issues. Thanks :)
CAM Gerlach
Mar 20 19:06
Thanks for your interest, @bhawesh96 . As @ccordoba12 mentioned, we unfortunately aren't able to find enough mentors to do GSOC, but we're always happy to have more contributors, and its still great experience and a great thing to point to on a resume to a future employer. If you're interesting in contributing, here are some helpful resources we've put together:
  • Read our Contributing guide and at least skim our Development wiki (some of the material on the latter is out of date)
  • Read through some of the active issues and try working on one or two simple ones that don't have anyone assigned, to get familiar with the general flow and organization of the code and demonstrate your programming abilities
  • Install and get used to the UI, workflow and general functionality of Spyder
  • Read the documentation for git-cola and qgit work and understand the basics of how they work
  • Make sure you're familiar with the basics of using Git, and a general overview of how it works behind the scenes