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Mar 2019
Bhawesh Bhansali
Mar 21 02:03
@CAM-Gerlach Thanks :)
Mar 21 08:23
CAM Gerlach
Mar 21 14:28
Hello @hriday535 , how can we help you with Spyder?
Bernardo Uranga
Mar 21 17:21
CAM Gerlach
Mar 21 19:13
Hello @_Toaster_twitter ; have a question or feedback about Spyder?
Wenyuan Wang
Mar 21 20:30
Hello , I have a recent problem with the use of the spyder. After an upgrade of Conda, the spyder fails to start, and gives me the error message of "
from spyder.plugins.console import Console
ImportError: cannot import name 'Console'
" I don't understand what this console refers to, is it because the updated conda no longer has the dependencies that spyder requires? I'm using a quite customized build, so I guess there might be some mess in there
Bernardo Uranga
Mar 21 21:22
I'm having a similar issue. Recently I can't start Spyder from my Anaconda. I tried a fresh install of Anaconda but I still can't open Spyder. I don't get any erros or anything when trying to open it from the Anaconda Prompt, Anaconda Navigator or even the program directly from the Windows explorer :(