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Mar 2019
Pedro Del Campo
Mar 26 04:23
Hi everyone, I am new in Spyder and Python. I am a R user. I would like to know more about Spyder. When can I get a good tutorial of spyder? P.D.: I want to work R in Python too. IHow can I do that ?
CAM Gerlach
Mar 26 15:06
@pcdelcampon_twitter Spyder has a built-in interactive tour of the basic features; go to Help > Interactive Tour to start it. It also has an included tutorial: click the link in the Help pane when first starting Spyder, or go to Help > Tutorial. You can also check out our documentation, as well as many video tutorials available on Youtube (we can't vouch for any particular one, but more recent is usually better considering the rapid pace of Spyder's evolution). The Help menu also contains a number of other resources relevant to Python, the PyData stack, IPython, and Qt that you might find useful. Let us know if you have any specific questions!

I want to work R in Python too. IHow can I do that ?

Spyder doesn't currently support running R kernels directly, but you can do so through e.g. the popular RPy2 package. I actually originally came to Python/Spyder from R/Rstudio myself.