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Apr 2019
Apr 12 12:26
Hi, just upgraded my spyder from 3.3.3 to 3.3.4
it would not launch my new spyder
Apr 12 13:40
It is fine now after reinstall...
Albert Camin
Apr 12 18:35
Hello! I have some problems with using Python on my new laptop. I have Python on the Spyder console, but when I try to reach it through the Windos cmd it doesn't find it. I even have tried to add the path, but the windows searcher doen't even find the file python. exe.
The anaconda cmd has the path, but it seems not enough because I was trying to use this command and it give alwasy syntax error: python -m pip install -U pip
I thougth that maybe it's because the window cmd doesn't recognise the path to python.
In my new laptop I have installed Anaconda and pass all the information of the old laptop using a back up file and everything was ok, but I don't understand how to resolve this question I was describing. Could please someone help me?
CAM Gerlach
Apr 12 19:48
@projectdrone2 Does it happen when you run the same for loop in a standard python interpreter outside Spyder? Where is the error printed, in the IPython console or as a Spyder error dialog?
CAM Gerlach
Apr 12 19:54
Hey @albertcamin , I'm not sure I understand how the question has to do with the Spyder IDE, since it sounds like everything's working fine there. I suggest you consult the Anaconda documentation and help resources to resolve your problem. If you're using Anaconda, you need to use Anaconda prompt to access it (unless you checked the "Add to PATH" option during the install process). Furthermore, we strongly recommend not using pip to install Spyder (or any other packages) with Anaconda, unless conda packages are not available on the defaults or conda-forge channels, and if you do you don't need the python -m prefix. Also, be sure to install/update pip with conda, not pip, to ensure everything's handled properly and always deactivate and reactivate your environment after installing pip itself to ensure everything is set correctly.
@bjain11 What are your versions of your OS, Spyder, Python, PyQt, Qt and QtPy? Are you using Anaconda or another Python distribution? Thanks.
@paulgureghian_gitlab Laziness. I'm going to get a dedicated Linux workstation for my primary use set up soon...™ as I get the funds.
CAM Gerlach
Apr 12 19:59
@Keerthi2408 As we discuss explicitly above the download button you clicked, we recommend you install Spyder as part of the Anaconda distribution, unless you are an expert user who is willing to resolve any possible problems caused by pip and manual installation on your own. However, as we discuss at length in our install guide, you have numerous options to install Spyder, including Anaconda, WinPython, Fink/MacPorts/Homebrew, your Linux distro package manager, via pip, and a source install from Github.
Emanuel Becerra Soto
Apr 12 21:48
Where I can find a comprehensive list of all spyder's keyboard shortcuts?