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Apr 2019
CAM Gerlach
Apr 13 01:53 UTC
@ebecerrasoto_twitter Help -> Shortcuts Summary for all the main ones, and Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts to see the fully complete list and configure shortcuts to your liking.
Apr 13 10:01 UTC
Hi guys, i get this error when trying to open spyder via anaconda "To use the 'Java' command-line tool you need to install a JDK". I use a mac and spyder has been working well previously. Does anyone know how to help. I have followed the instructions that come with this message and downloaded and installed the Java, but it still doesnt solve the problem.
CAM Gerlach
Apr 13 15:04 UTC
@Pullooo That error doesn't have anything to do with Spyder itself, since Spyder (nor any of its dependencies, to my knowledge) do not rely on Java in any way (it is pure Python, with some C/C++ dependencies). If you mean you're launching it through Anaconda Navigator, try doing so from the command line instead, by running spyder at the Terminal (you may need to run conda activate base first), which avoids potential bugs and errors caused by Anaconda Navigator, and at the very least might give you some more informative error output. Thanks.
Apr 13 22:52 UTC
How to recover 'Spyder Terminal' ? I have it installed and it did launch along with Spyder. Now it wont launch again. Can we recover it from within Spyder itself ? I tried a restart of Navigator.
Daniel Klimovich
Apr 13 23:28 UTC
I am unable to download the latest update.
May I please have some help with this