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Apr 2019
CAM Gerlach
Apr 14 00:13

Can we recover it from within Spyder itself ?

@paulgureghian_gitlab Are you runing Spyder from the same environment, i.e. the one where Spyder-Terminal is installed? If so, you can open it under the View > Panes menu, if I remember correctly (or otherwise somewhere else in the menus, I don't use it myself).

I tried a restart of Navigator.

I have no idea how this would have anything to do with anything. Navigator is just a thin GUI shell for conda, and has no effect on Spyder other than causing random bugs when launching Spyder via it. If on Windows, the direct Start menu shortcuts should always be used instead for launching Spyder, as they are strictly faster and more reliable.

I am unable to download the latest update.

@CyberSecureGuy Sorry, you are going to be way more specific about what you mean by this. Please state explicitly what you wanted to accomplish, the exact steps you tried and precisely what error or behavior occurred instead of what you expected. Thanks.

Albert Camin
Apr 14 10:02
@CAM-Gerlach Thank you! I was using pip, because I was doing this course on Raspberry Pi:
But, it looks like that according to your comment, I will not be able to go on. One more question. I have never registered in Anaconda. Is it advisible to do it? Are there courses as well to learn Python? Thank you again!
CAM Gerlach
Apr 14 15:27

But, it looks like that according to your comment, I will not be able to go on.

@albertcamin I don't believe I said anything of that sort. If you're using Anaconda, to install packages all you need to do is use conda install PACKAGE-NAME (possibly conda install -c conda-forge PACKAGE-NAME instead of pip install PACKAGE-NAME. Furthermore, glancing at that guide, the only thing it states you need besides Python is Sphinx, which (alongside pip) is installed by default in Anaconda, or can be easily obtained with conda install sphinx if you're using Miniconda (advisable on the Pi) or a non-base Conda environment.

I have never registered in Anaconda

Me neither, I never knew they even had a registration. Given I've gotten on just fine without it using Anaconda Python every day in my research, as a Spyder core developer and even a Python contributor, you're fine without it.

Are there courses as well to learn Python?

Innumerable. Try Google. themselves has one.

Albert Camin
Apr 14 20:31
Thank you so much! I need to download pydoc and when I try do do it the answer in the Anaconda prompt is that the files are not available in the system. So I should also download from conda, right?
Apr 14 21:00
how to install new version in window 10
CAM Gerlach
Apr 14 21:22

I need to download pydoc

@albertcamin Pydoc is a standard library module, so there's no need to download it. That said, if you do have to install a package, the priority should generally be conda > conda -c conda-forge > pip > Github.

how to install new version in window 10

@Roshan84ya Read the docs.

Apr 14 23:50
I used '%logstart -o' in the Spyder ipython console then ran my file, when I checked the log file all I saw was the working dir / filename, but no console output. Thanks.