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Apr 2019
Albert Camin
Apr 30 2019 17:34 UTC
Hello! I'm running a code in Spyder that is supposed to show three circles in red, yellow and blue colors, but when I run it, it gives one big black circle and a message: Python Turtle Graphics (nor responding) Anyone knows why? Here it's my code:

from turtle import Turtle

def draw_circle (t_name, r, col): (col) (r*2)

draw_circle (tina, 50, "yellow")
draw_circle (tina, 100, "red")
draw_circle (tina, 150, "blue")

Albert Camin
Apr 30 2019 18:25 UTC
I've resolved the problem. Thanks anyway. Bests!
CAM Gerlach
Apr 30 2019 19:20 UTC
Glad to hear!