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May 2019
May 02 08:33
Hi, I am trying to install spyder
but Couldn't able to launch it after installation
any solution?
CAM Gerlach
May 02 14:33
@prasahu You're going to have to give us a lot information in order for us to provide any useful help:
  • What is your operating system and Python version?
  • How did you install Spyder (Anaconda, pip, WinPython, Macports/Brew, distro package, Github)?
  • How are you trying to launch it (shortcut, Navigator, command line)?
  • What exact behavior occurs when you try to launch it? If any error messages appear, paste the exact text here.
  • Have you tried the steps in our Spyder Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the Basic First Aid and Emergency CPR sections, which resolve the great majority of Spyder installation issues?
MohanEd Oka4aa
May 02 14:34
can any one help me in remove a row in CSV file ?
i don't know the function which remove from it
Massimo Pinto
May 02 14:44
@Oka4a122_twitter are you trying to remove the top line, or a last line? If that's the case, run
import pandas as pd
your_dataframe_name = pd.read_csv(name_of_your_csv_file', skiprows=N, nrows=number_of_rows_you_wish-to_import)
If it's something in the middle, you can perhaps do it after you have imported data into the dataframe, by re-indexing
CAM Gerlach
May 02 14:55
@Oka4a122_twitter Just FYI, this is the chatroom is intended for help with the Spyder IDE. Also, especially for very basic questions such as the above, I strongly recommend just Googling them, since you can get detailed, comprehensive help instantly rather than waiting for someone to reply and using up their time to do so. That said, @massimopinto thanks for trying to help.