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May 2019
CAM Gerlach
May 07 02:12

[10888:8576:0507/] Error reading broker pipe: The pipe has been ended. (0x6D)"

This is a not-uncommon error on Windows, which generally can be caused by a few different things. First, your firewall, antivirus or other security software could be blocking Spyder. You should temporarily disable them and see if the problem goes away. Otherwise, this is likely due to your graphics card. Try the following, in order, attempting to launch Spyder after each one:

  • Try conda update qt pyqt qtconsole spyder spyder-kernels qtpy sip at the Anaconda prompt
  • Update your OS and GPU drivers
  • Try conda update pyzmq zeromq ipykernel jupyter_client ipython cython at the Anaconda prompt
  • Try conda install pyopengl
  • If you are running multiple GPUs (e.g. Nvidia discrete and Intel integrated, common in higher end laptops) try disabling/forcing one GPU or the other
  • Try starting Spyder in different opengl modes, with spyder --opengl=software; spyder --opengl=desktop and spyder --opengl=gles
  • Try conda install pyzmq=17
  • Try conda install pyqt=5.6 at the Anaconda prompt
Carlos Cordoba
May 07 08:57
@BezukhovA, you're mixing two Python installations: C:\Users\wenxuli\miniconda3 and C:\Python36. You need to remove one of them for things to work as expected
CAM Gerlach
May 07 14:42

I shouldn't have taken the user's claim,

No python is installed sperately on the pc.

at face value and rather investigated the traceback more closely. My mistake.

Carlos Cordoba
May 07 15:29
:+1: :+1: