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May 2019
Massimo Pinto
May 17 12:03
...and reload it at the beginning of the next stage/code cell, e.g. using joblib.dump/joblib.load
This is working so very neatly! Thanks @CAM-Gerlach
May 17 13:43
hi, i was working displaying my ipython console on a large screen in the office. I was doing my scripts in the editor section on my laptop
when i left office, I forgot to pull my ipython console back into my spyder environment
so now back at home, the ipython console covers the full screen of spyder. can't minimise it or adjust the console
is there any shortcut key to make the console screen small for me to put back into the spyder?
CAM Gerlach
May 17 14:41
@chingyee1113 You should be able to drag it from the top bar, and dynamically place it back into the interface. If that doesn't work, try closing and re-opening the Console (it won't close your kernels). Also, if you've maximized it, try Ctrl-Shift-Alt-M. Other than that, I'm not sure what's going on (since I've never gotten in that sort of situation myself), so please send a screenshot clearly illustrating the situation. Thanks.
May 17 16:16
@ccordoba12 I saw your note on running turtle Python scripts with Spyder via the terminal. But that does not apply to Mac users. You should tell it. This seems to be underway for some months... I think it will be a solution to all the problems Mac users complain about when running tkinter programs in Spyder (maybe also pyglet). When I run in a separate Unix terminal a program written in Spyder editor, It works with charm, no more problems... I wish I could stay within spyder.
Carlos Cordoba
May 17 16:31


But that does not apply to Mac users

Now turtle scripts work for Mac users in our IPython console, i.e. they don't need to resort to use an external terminal